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Mulini di Segalari

Società agricola s.n.c.

Località Felciaino, 115a, 57022
+39 0565 765202
+39 334 6074633

The farm’s lands are located in the valley to the right of the Castle of Segalari, in the locality of Felciaino. About 3 km from the town of Castagneto Carducci and 5 km from Bolgheri, as the crow flies. The farm can be reached along the road that leads from Castagneto to Sassetta; after about 1 kilometer, take Via Collina di Segalari to the left; take the road for about another 2 kilometers and, when you arrive near the entrance to the Castle of Segalari, take the local road, which turns off on the right, downhill, called dei Mulini di Segalari. The farm begins just after a stream, the Fossa di Bolgheri, still small, given the proximity to the origin.

If you come from Bolgheri you can go up the road that leads to the Ancient Oil Mill of Serni, called Collina di Segalari and arrive at the Crocino (intersection of three streets) take the local road of the Catre, which descends gently for a bit more of a kilometer towards the valley, pass the stream with an easy ford and you will find yourself at the entrance of our farm.