Our wines

Fruit of love and patience

The harvest, from mid-September to mid-October, is carried out separately according to the perfect maturation of each vine; it is hand-made with the choice of the best bunches in the vineyard, which are transported in the cellar in small boxes.

The crushed grapes from the destemmed grapes ferment naturally with indigenous yeasts, without the addition of selected yeasts, and macerate for about 15 days in steel fermenters. The reassembling system, associated with the delestage, for the sprinkling of the must-wine on the marc cap, allows to modulate the intensity of maceration according to the fermentative vigor.

With the same care every vintage has a different label, because every harvest is unique.

They are watercolors that represent our feelings, emotions, what we feel in our vineyards: an expression of our natural work.

Ai Confini del Bosco

DOC Bolgheri Rosso

Mulini di Segalari

DOC Bolgheri Superiore

Ai Confini del Bosco

DOC Bolgheri Rosato

Un Po' più Su del Mare

DOC Bolgheri Vermentino


IGT Costa Toscana

Soloterra - Petit Verdot

IGT Costa Toscana