Happy vineyards

A commitment to nature

Our philosophy

We consider our work as a little contribution to a greater natural scheme: that’s why, before doing anything, we listen to nature and we try to follow its necessities.


Our vineyards

The DOC Bolgheri’s vineyard, of 2.5 hectares, it’s situated on the first coastal’s hills, at a 90 meters of altitude, with a south-west orientation of the fields. It is an unspoilt and wild place characterized by the presence of woods and by the dynamic energy of the river that flows along the estate.


Made with love and patience

The Grape harvest takes place from half September to half October. It is carried out separately in the basis of the perfect maturation of each vine variety. It’s made with hands by choosing directly in the vineyard the best brunches which are carried directly in the cellar in small boxes. The crushed grapes, which cames out from the destemmed grapes, macerates for about 15 days in steel’s fermentors.


A few hours with nature, wine and food

It is an invitation to relax, to be contact with nature and to enjoy life. This place helps to appreciate the beauty of life: big trees, luxuriant vines and the animals that live in these fields and in these woods.

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